Friday, June 23, 2006

even more sheepy for meeee

This is some beautiful gray shetland won off of ebay from a seller named harmony1269. I'm at a lost for words!
This is mohair also won off of ebay from the same seller I think there may have been 1 piece of hay in the whole thing. I've never worked with mohair before.... it's so shiny and soft!!

I've also bought 3 llama fleeces and 1 alpaca, when I get them washed up i'll take pictures!! As for knitting I'm still working on my sister b-day gift, i have to spin the rest of the yarn, i just got the roving today, and it matches thank goddddd. I'm spinning up some white shetland/alpaca in lw for the mystery stole 2 as a gift to the lady who sold me the white shetland (i got a killer deal) and i'm hoping to get her fleeces every year!
Oh and I'm so happy with myself, I've finely figured out the best way for me to wash my fleeces, I have a hose hooked up to a hot H2O line outside and am using a tub. I put the fleece is 4 different sweater bag and wash them and rinse. After the final rinse I put the bags in the washing machine on spin....I was able to keep fleece together.Posted by Picasa

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