Saturday, June 17, 2006

Black Shetland

Fuck Me that was fast shipping! I would like you to meet my black Shetland fleece, ok so it's black and gray, I'm guessing from an older sheepy, Don't care it's Shetland. And, well it has way too many 2nd cuts in it, but again Don't care it's Shetland, This shit is hard to find and hell I'll make it work, I'm sure I'll be super pissed when I have to comb it all before carding it to get all the little bits out. But hell it's Shetland! If you can't tell I'm hot for Shetland wool... Below is a little that I washed and combed, it's still a little wet so I'll wait to card it. Well the fleece and I have a date with the bathtub, and then I have a date with some drano...Wool and pipes not a good thing... :) But hell my bathtub is getting washed more lately. hmmm should I over die it or leave it hmmm
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