Friday, June 30, 2006

I just took these, so cute.
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White llama...did come out so biggie, I'll wash the yarn after I spin it. Oh here is one, I can spin llama a hell of a lot better then I can spin wool...wierd huh.
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look another pretty flower!
This is some of the Llama i bought from ebay a wile ago, I dehaired it before washing. The White is washing as I type, I'll get pictures of that later... I washed the llama in cold H2O and baby shampoo that I had, I'm almost out of dawn..and well I'm going to have more Shetland on the way...I know I have a problem...I also have some very pretty dark brown Llama and some white alpaca that needs dehairing and washing, I want to get this all done this weekend.
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More black shetland, I know I have a problem, but I want some in every color!!!

Some Border Lancaster I washed up the other day, I think I kinda felted it, but I was still able to card and spin it, so it's all good Posted by Picasa

More Pron (the fibery kind) and other stuff

LOOKIE pretty flower...
My yarn for the MS KAL
Close up of the yarn, It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it!
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My swatch for the mystery stole 2006 KAL

I've only spun about 500 yards and need about 1200. It's my first 2 ply. and made of my white Shetland and a little bit of Alpaca. I'm making this for Chris the lady who sold me the Shetland fleeces. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 26, 2006

My sister Birthday present

Icarus is done and bocked. I had ran out of yarn with about 6 rows left and had to order roving from handpainted yarns to finish it. I order the wrong color and thats why it's darker at the bottom, but I think it looks cool and it's all the same colors as the rest. now i just have to make her needle case....i hate sewing. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

even more sheepy for meeee

This is some beautiful gray shetland won off of ebay from a seller named harmony1269. I'm at a lost for words!
This is mohair also won off of ebay from the same seller I think there may have been 1 piece of hay in the whole thing. I've never worked with mohair before.... it's so shiny and soft!!

I've also bought 3 llama fleeces and 1 alpaca, when I get them washed up i'll take pictures!! As for knitting I'm still working on my sister b-day gift, i have to spin the rest of the yarn, i just got the roving today, and it matches thank goddddd. I'm spinning up some white shetland/alpaca in lw for the mystery stole 2 as a gift to the lady who sold me the white shetland (i got a killer deal) and i'm hoping to get her fleeces every year!
Oh and I'm so happy with myself, I've finely figured out the best way for me to wash my fleeces, I have a hose hooked up to a hot H2O line outside and am using a tub. I put the fleece is 4 different sweater bag and wash them and rinse. After the final rinse I put the bags in the washing machine on spin....I was able to keep fleece together.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Black Shetland

Fuck Me that was fast shipping! I would like you to meet my black Shetland fleece, ok so it's black and gray, I'm guessing from an older sheepy, Don't care it's Shetland. And, well it has way too many 2nd cuts in it, but again Don't care it's Shetland, This shit is hard to find and hell I'll make it work, I'm sure I'll be super pissed when I have to comb it all before carding it to get all the little bits out. But hell it's Shetland! If you can't tell I'm hot for Shetland wool... Below is a little that I washed and combed, it's still a little wet so I'll wait to card it. Well the fleece and I have a date with the bathtub, and then I have a date with some drano...Wool and pipes not a good thing... :) But hell my bathtub is getting washed more lately. hmmm should I over die it or leave it hmmm
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First I must say, Steph please send me my money, I really don't want to deal with this anymore, but I will.
On the knitting front, I'm almost done with the Icarus Shawl from the summer IK for my sisters B-day, I'm also almost out of yarn, I had to ordered roving to finish it, I hope it get here soon. I also joined the Mystery Stole 2 that starts July 9th. I started spinning some lace wt shetland and i'm think it would be a nice gift for the lady who sold me the white shetland fleeces, she has always wanted to get a blanket made out of her I thought this would be nice....That and I want the fleeces every year!
I won my black shetland on ebay and it should be here any day now :) I also picked up 3 Llama fleeces. Right now I'm bidding on a gray shetland and some alpaca in white. I'm having fun with my Dorset cross wool, and I have some Polypay on the way. I dyed the Dorset before carding it and love the way it turned out, there is a lot of VM on the fleece, so it best if I spin it in Lace wt so it all falls out. I seem to spin much better from carded wool then roving, i tryed roving again yesterday and couldn't do it...wierd cause I could a week ago... I'll post some pictures soon, oh and I stared selling some stuff on ebay, i'm having really good luck with some Cotton ease, I think I'll have a bidding war at the end! (More sheepy for meeeeeee) I'm thinking once I get a better hang of spinning selling some of my lace wt really don't see much of that anywhere....I just have to beable to let it go!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Shetland fun time

Combed fleece
Carded Fleece, it doesn't even seem like I've made a dent in this stuff, I have 2 more fleeces coming from e-bay and another that i'm bidding on that I will pay any price to have....
ohhh my first lace wt
food coloring fun time Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

my 1st handspun from my wheel

The brown on top is my very 1st off my wheel, it's made from Corriedale Cross top from . I LOVED spinning with this stuff and am so going to get some more. The cream and grey is Swaledale. This stuff was a little slippy, but still spun up nice. It now has to rest on the bobbin for a few days. oh I also ordered this from pacific wool and fiber. On my wheel right now is some dark gray Peruvian Highland, this too is a little slippy but sooo soft, I can't wait to knit it up! The highland was order from . LOVE THEM LOVE THEM. I also order my wheel from them, Linda is soo great. If I ever go to NY i'm so going to visit! I really want to start working on my Shetland, but i'm still waiting on my carders.......I also bought a Dorset cross fleece for $5.50 off of ebay, great deal, it think. I know this is a meat sheep, but hell wool is wool, and i'm planning on blending it anyway. I'm dieing to get a fleece that is a dark color, everthing I have so far is white, well the one shetland is white and black in some places and the other is white and brown.... I wish I would have known how to skirt the fleeces better when I got them, I think that I saved and washed alot of wool I won't be able to get the VM out of. Oh well my thinking was that i didn't want to wast anything..... CARDERS PLEASE COME SOON. I did spin a little of the raw shetland...the wool I picked all the vm out of spun up soo nice, i really want to make lace wt with this....more time spinning for me.
As for knitting, I'm working on a b-day gift shawl for my sister (the one from summer 06 IK, I can't remember it's name right now). I haven't really worked on my possum lace or the knitpicks sock for awile, but i'm sure i will when i get past the 1st chart on the shawl...lace is not good to knit with a 2 1/2 yr old around.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

MY WHEEELLLLLLL !!! Posted by Picasa
here is a fleece in the tub...yuck
my porch yesterday

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