Monday, May 30, 2005

Why oh why??

Oh why oh why do I go on a mad cleaning spree when my MIL is coming over??? she already thinks I don't do stuff around the house. I mean come one Cortney why put your self out? Oh for fucks sake! (thanks stephie for the great line) Yes I should be cleaning right now....

As for knitting I've been working on a ton of stuff I finished a pair of super cute baby socks for Miss Jenna's new baby, a gift for Kath's party on the 1oth (can't post pictures cause you might see it kath but you'll like it!) I've also been playing around with some bag patterns, I think I'm on my way to writing one, I'll post it here when I'm done! anyway I must get my ass in to gear!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I have a problem

and it is I'm addicted to America's next top model....It was on VH1 all day and I watched them all.......I love the girl from Detroit! I so hope she wins. I guess I'll find out on Wed. Yes I have no life, but hey what can you do. As for the knitting, I'm working on the pinwheel baby blanket..I'm going to make it bigger and use it as a rug in gooey's room. I'm using some vintage yellow and white acrylic from my stash. If it doesn't work out as a rug I'll just have a big ass yellow round blanket. I'm also working on Joe's red blanket and Branching out...I haven't touched BO in weeks I really have to pick it up again, I'm just not feeling it right now. I loving the mindless knitting of the pinwheel, but I'm sure I'll get sick of that and have to put it down. hmmm we'll see.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Look at that hair Posted by Hello
more birthday yarn Posted by Hello
Birthday Yarn and sock that I started  Posted by Hello
Baby blanket for Miss Jenna Posted by Hello
The picture kinda sucks but you get the idea! It was made with a huge ball of Joann's yarn (I only used about half) the pattern was from the lions brand website :) I hope you like it Jenna. I still have to wash and bock it :)
The ball winder and Knitting book Stephie got me for my b-day Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Birthday gifts

I love you Stephie!!!!

She got me the bestest birthday presents, a ball winder (how did I ever live with out one!!!) and a knitting book that I wanted, really really really wanted....and my favorite Old Navy flip-flops. Stephie is the best! and today she came over with the Woogies (my sister) and we went the the yarn store....I love the yarn store....soooo fun...and to think my birthday isn't till next mon! We had lots of fun.
I finished the red socks, so happy they are done! I'm almost done for with the shower gift for my friend Kath and my sil baby blanket!!!! I have all this new yarn and can't wait to start on something new, I will post pictures soon!