Wednesday, October 19, 2005

oh my my feet are killing me

AHHHH and I have to work a 12 today, I think I may die! I know I should really get on that treadmill this poor feet. I'm never going to get any knitting done anymore, I got home last night and tryed to pick up my sweater and just couldn't do it...AAAAAAAAH. When I got in to work yesterday, i found the bad asst mgt sleeping (yes sleeping) in my back room we sent her home, the she had the balls to ask me if she could have Sat off to go to the MSU game, I was like HELLL no, I mean WTF?? What is wrong with people today. This girl is so worthless, I just want her off my payroll! Well I better get going I think I will try the treadmill...wish me luck


ryan ladd said...

You Spelled TRIED wrong dude.

merlinthecat said...

my baddddd