Wednesday, October 19, 2005

oh my my feet are killing me

AHHHH and I have to work a 12 today, I think I may die! I know I should really get on that treadmill this poor feet. I'm never going to get any knitting done anymore, I got home last night and tryed to pick up my sweater and just couldn't do it...AAAAAAAAH. When I got in to work yesterday, i found the bad asst mgt sleeping (yes sleeping) in my back room we sent her home, the she had the balls to ask me if she could have Sat off to go to the MSU game, I was like HELLL no, I mean WTF?? What is wrong with people today. This girl is so worthless, I just want her off my payroll! Well I better get going I think I will try the treadmill...wish me luck

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I have to work today

Well today is my first day back at work...I have mixed feelings about this, I can't sit around all day and knit, so sad. On the other hand I'll have money to buy stuff... Nekko had really came out of her shell, she is crazy! Always getting in to stuff! I think she is going to be trouble, but in a good way. I really need to get off my butt and take some pictures of her and Gooey, and my knitting. Right now I'm working on that blue sweater, body is done. I'm working on the cowl and still have to knit the sleeves. Well I better be off, I have to get my ass on the treadmill.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Nekko is doing great!

Little Nekko is ajusting well to her new home, no new pictures but I will take more soon. Her cold is gone. I did have to deworm her and give her a flea bath today. (I wanted to wait tell she was feeling better) She let us give her a bath, a real live bath. She is such a mellow cat, playful at times but mostly just hangs out in the office and sleeps on the pile of printer paper. She does like to come out and mess with my yarn wile I'm knitting. I did find her sleeping in the crib with Gooey the other day, soo cute, I couldn't get a picture, I'm sure it will happen again. Right know she is sitting on my lap and purring her little head off. Maggie loves to sniff at her, and well Morgy doesn't really care for her, but then again Morgy doesn't really like anyone...Thats my Morgy.
As for knitting I finished the wrap sweater I was working on. Picture coming soon! I did start another sweater using Patons Divine, I so love this yarn, I know a lot of people think it sucks, but well whatever! I haven't touched the cable sock from IK in weeks or BO, well it's been months for day I will finish it! I do need to find a make a scarf with my chunky alpaca before it gets cold out. I won't have nearly as much time for knitting now that I'm going to start working again next week. (I start on Tue)...This is the 3rd time I've worked for this company, the other 2 times I quit...WALKED OUT...the reasons were good, but still. Well I guess they like me. I have mixed fellings about going back to work...on one had I want my own money, on the other I like to sit on my ass all day and knit....more money more yarn...less time to knit..hmmmm. This place has some big time problems, I found out yesterday that one of my Asst.Mgt was doing coke in the back room with the sales person, wile the store was open, and no one was on the floor, WTF, she is so gone, thank god she hasn't work 90 days yet. I'm sure I'll be bitching alot about work here.... Well I better get to bed, I have to get up with gooey tomorrow...(she's been away for 2 nights so I got to sleep in) yeah for me. good night, and Fuck off spamers!

Saturday, October 08, 2005 far Posted by Picasa
And this.....Meet Nekko Posted by Picasa
This is the kitty that I got from Lippysyd today. We met at Threadbear and talked about yarn and knitting. I also got to meet her Dh, who knows a lot about yarn, btw, and her DD, who is super cute. I had a lot of fun!!!
What I got at the LYS today Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Minerva is Dead

I don't want to talk about it right now, for everyone who saw pictures of that white dog, she did it....

Monday, October 03, 2005


Ok so my new thing is on Sundays I sit around knit and watch football, and I even understand it now, thanks to woogie. So I'm watching the Lions game what the fuck was up with that call on the 3rd to last play??? That so was a touch down, I'm sorry but if they were playing at home it would have been!!!! He so had the ball before he slid in to the end zone. And then I was watching the game after that one, some red team, and a yellow and purple team, and the guy from the red team just put his arm in, with the ball and it was a touch down....WTF????

Sunday, October 02, 2005

118 squares, 4 Bubbys, and 1 Hello Kitty Posted by Picasa