Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Do I look like I run an animal shelter?!?!

No really? Do I look like I run an animal shelter??? Well if anyone has read my blog you know about the kittens…my cock-sucking neighbor dumped 3 kittens in my yard, right in front of me, about a month ago. Well I kept one (Minerva) and gave the other 2 away…. Well I go outside today to check the mail and guess what I see…. A Black Lab puppy playing with my outdoor cat Galie. I’m not going to let this puppy run around by it self so I ask the CS son if it’s there’s (I know it was, they had the poor thing tied up outside all summer and she wasn’t there today) well he says no , so I take her inside….She is flea ridden, but other wise in good health. We are keeping her, cause there is no way in hell he’s getting her back, and that mother fucker is going down, I’m calling animal control tomorrow and the fucker is going to jail if it’s the last thing I do. I do have to say the puppy is very cute, we named her Mary Magdalene, Maggie for short.

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