Saturday, May 14, 2005

I have a problem

and it is I'm addicted to America's next top model....It was on VH1 all day and I watched them all.......I love the girl from Detroit! I so hope she wins. I guess I'll find out on Wed. Yes I have no life, but hey what can you do. As for the knitting, I'm working on the pinwheel baby blanket..I'm going to make it bigger and use it as a rug in gooey's room. I'm using some vintage yellow and white acrylic from my stash. If it doesn't work out as a rug I'll just have a big ass yellow round blanket. I'm also working on Joe's red blanket and Branching out...I haven't touched BO in weeks I really have to pick it up again, I'm just not feeling it right now. I loving the mindless knitting of the pinwheel, but I'm sure I'll get sick of that and have to put it down. hmmm we'll see.

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